Centre for Theology and Public Issues

Centre for Theology and Public Issues

The Futures of Public Theology Conference

30.11.2017 | 3.15pm-

The conference, co-hosted by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues (CTPI) and New College, at the University of Edinburgh, will chart possible trajectories for the futures of different aspects of public theology. We will partly be building on the legacy of Professor Duncan Forrester (1933-2016), and the conference will commence with a memorial service at Greyfriars Kirk.

Thursday 30th November
3.15pm | Memorial service for Professor Duncan Forrester (at Greyfriars Kirk)

4.15pm | Tea

5.30pm | Panel 1: The Futures of Public Theology
Chair: Alison Elliot,
Speakers: Elaine Graham, Doug Gay & Glen Pettigrove
Respondent: Robin Gill

7.00pm | Drinks reception

7.30pm | St Andrew’s Day Dinner with Short Presentations (in Rainy Hall)

9.00pm | Live Scottish Music with Suzanne and Sandy Butler

Friday 1st December
9.30am | Panel 2: The Futures of Political Theology
Chair: David Fergusson
Speakers: Oliver O’Donovan, Michael Northcott & Teresa Callewaert
Respondent: Joshua Ralston

11.00am | Coffee break

11.30am | Panel 3: The Futures of Practical Theology
Chair: George Newlands
Speakers: Heather Walton, Jeremy Kidwell & Leah Robinson
Respondent: David Lyall

1.00pm | Lunch

2.00pm | Panel 4: The Futures of Embodying Just Peace
Chair: Lesley Orr
Speakers: Aruna Gnanadson, Harriet Harris, Jolyon Mitchell
Respondent: David Clough

3.30pm | Final reflections
Mona Siddiqui
Thomas Schlag

4.00pm | Tea

Download PDF to read the short bios of the participants (Biographies of Participants FPT Conference)


Conference location

Martin Hall, New College, Mound Place, Edinburgh, EH1 2LX


£60, £20 concession